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We are currently adding previous Stinger owner names to the site. Names came from written correspondence received from Jim Rice and Charles Lee. 
Owners, please review you car and send any updates or corrections.  We are still missing photos for some of the Stingers.
In reviewing several Corvair Forums, it was noticed that the term "Yenko Stinger" is used quite loosely by some enthusiasts. With the influx of Clone's, Tributes, etc., entering the collector world, now might be a good time to review our definition of a Yenko Stinger. 

Group 1  COPO's    YS9700; YS001-120 (with a few exceptions)
For Starters, we know that Don Yenko requested a fleet order for one hundred 1966 Corsa Corvairs in late 1965, using a Central Office Production Order (COPO). This was one of the first uses of a COPO to order High Performance options.  
This order was followed a year later with a fleet order of twenty-five 1967 Monza Corvairs. It is possible that this order was revised downward, as only eleven Marina Blue and three Bolero Red Stingers were built. The remaining eleven Bolero Red Monza's initially ordered have not been accounted for.
We believe YS-121-130 had initially been reserved for these cars, but to this day are unclaimed.

The 1967 Corvairs COPO Corvairs received a 140 engine, an option which had been discontinued from regular production at the end of the 1966 model year.

There was only one 1969 COPO Corvair ordered and built by Yenko, which is referred to as the Goodyear Stinger.

So in this category, there are a total of one hundred and fifteen Yenko Stingers ordered through the COPO program and sold by Yenko or his Network.

We have six additional tags that were distributed prior to the 1967 run, which started at YS107. 

Group 2 Non-COPO Stingers           (YS005, YS102-YS104, YS106)

 It appears that  Jerry Thompson's Stinger may have been purchased and converted prior to the COPO production date. 
Prototype 1966 Stinger built before the original run of COPO's received a tag.

Three Canadian Stingers  were factory ordered in Canada without the COPO options, and converted into Stingers. This ordering deviation, requiring the cars to be ordered in Canada instead of by Yenko, was due to the high costs associated with importing cars into Canada. 
It is believed that YS102 through YS104 ID's were initially reserved for these cars, we do not know if the cars and tags ever united. YS104 was converted at Yenko in Canonsburg, PA and did receive a tag.  

YS106 was distributed so that one of the original 100 Stingers could be registered as a 1967. This ploy was not successful, and plate remains unused.

Group 3                                  (YS132 and higher)
This category consists of the Yenko Stinger "Continuation Series". 
We believe distribution of Serial Numbers (ID's) to racers, for the most part, started after the Stinger production run.
Many were mailed out or otherwise distributed, allowing individuals to race their cars in SCCA sanctioned events. Yenko may have also sold equipment for these cars from his catalog, but not the actual vehicle. 
This SCCA requirement was abandoned in 1986, and having a Stinger serial number was no longer required.

Just a note on these Continuation Stingers. A racer could legitimately move their serial number plate from one car to another without necessarily hurting the perceived value of the Continuation Stinger itself.
So it's a bit of a different animal than the Group 1 and 2 cars, where the highest value is usually ascertained by a Stinger containing the VIN, Fisher Body Plate, and Serial number, as built. 

Keep in mind that one may locate a Stinger with an ID Plate in Group 1 or 2, but the original car built associated with that ID may no longer exist, or vice-versa. Feel free to contact this site for verification of the VIN and associated ID.

There may be considerable difference in the estimated the value of a Stinger, depending on which category it is in.   Also take into consideration the overall condition, provenance, race history, and documentation the Stinger may have.

We welcome your comments.